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IN PERSON | 16-17-18 February 2024 – Salerno (Italy) – Via Lungomare Trieste n. 13 – Fondazione Menna
ONLINE | 16-17-18 February 2024 – No Live Application
Dr. Kevin Luczynski

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Dr. Vincent J. CARBONE


Provides supervision with monthly consultation for specific cases

How we can help you

The treatment administered is based on ABA (Applied Behavioural Analysis), which is scientifically validated as effective in the treatment of the Autism Spectrum and included in Guideline 21 of the Higher Health Institute (Istituto Superiore di Sanità).

The professional figures operating in the ABA sector are:

The Center

The Aba For Disability Centre offers Applied Behavioural Analysis services for Autism Spectrum Disorders and other moderate to severe disabilities and/or syndromes.

Why choose us?

The advantage of being able to count on a multidisciplinary team makes it possible to combine the programmes established by the behaviour analyst with highly individualised programming elements.

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Patients Testimonials

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Albert James
San Francisco