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parent training copertina - aba for disability

Parent Training and Multifamily Therapy

Special attention will be given to the family. The family is taken on as a whole, and will be accompanied and supported from diagnosis to intervention.

intervento individuale personalizzato - aba for disability

Individual and Personalized Intervention

This service begins with an assessment of current skills and learning obstacles. The assessment will focus in particular on language and social skills, and other important areas.

attività integrate 1 - aba for disability

Integrated Activities: Laboratories, Motor Skills Courses, and Sports Activities

Sports education activities and the development of motor skills and social relationships are planned within sports contexts, such as gyms or swimming pools. Several hours will be arranged and dedicated to treatment, according to individual needs and assessments.


Aba For Disability Centre ABA and Neuroscience promotes training through the organization of workshops held by both national and international professionals.

Formazione - aba for disability
il comportamento problema - aba for disability

Intervention focused on specific goals

This service offers evaluation and training on specific problems.

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