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Individual and Personalized Intervention

Individual and Personalized Intervention

This service begins with an assessment of current skills and learning obstacles.
The assessment will focus in particular on language and social skills, and other important areas. The results will be used to develop a personalized treatment plan that addresses specific, measurable goals and objectives.
Direct instruction in an individual teaching environment will take place for several hours per week using applied behavioural analysis.
Its systematic nature is based on observing and recording behaviour. This provides the starting point for intervention planning and implementation. The primary objective is to foster adequate, socially relevant behaviours by substituting them for problematic or maladaptive ones. Throughout the course of the treatment, the data will be used and entered on special graphs, both to monitor progress and to verify the effectiveness of the instruction.
trattamenti individuali - aba for disability

Main evaluation and treatment tools

trattamenti individuali 1 - aba for disability
The abilities of the child/teenager/adult and his/her language skills will be assessed through the administration of some of the most important tools available in Applied Behaviour Analysis:

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