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The Center

The Aba For Disability Centre offers Applied Behavioural Analysis services for Autism Spectrum Disorders and other moderate to severe disabilities and/or syndromes. The treatment administered is based on ABA (Applied Behavioural Analysis), which is scientifically validated as effective in the treatment of the Autistic Spectrum and included in Guideline 21 of the Higher Health Institute (Istituto Superiore di Sanità).

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The main purpose of the ABA For Disability ABA and Neuroscience Centre is to offer access to treatment that is effective and compliant with recent national guidelines, whilst supporting the family at every stage, and following the needs of each individual child/adolescent, accompanying them along the path to inclusion in social and working contexts.  Commitment to the family is central, with attention paid to all familial relationships, as well as favouring exchanges and time spent with peers.

Our Team

Valeria Pascale - DIRETTORE Aba for Disability

Dr. Valeria Pascale

Psychologist, Behavior Analyst

Ph.D Student in Applied Behavior Analysis at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology University, Chicago.

She earned a master’s degree in behavioral and Applied Cognitive Psychology with focus on Psychiatric Sciences on the neurobiology of impulsivity. She also earned an II Level master’s degree in applied Behavior Analysis, a II level master in Clinical Neuropsychology and a II level master degree in Law. She gained specific expertise in the field of treatment of neurodevelopmental disorders and ABA programs supervised by BCBA / BCBA-D Behavioral Analysts, internationally renowned with children, adolescents, and adults. She has published a Handbook of Neuroscience and Criminal Law, currently working as a Behavior Analyst for individual assessment and evaluation of children, adolescent and adults supervised by BCBA/BCBA-D. Engaged in research projects with public organizations (universities) and private organizations in the field of Applied Behavioral Analysis and Neuroscience. She is teaching in training courses both in Italy and other Countries.

Areas of expertise: Autism Spectrum Disorder, adolescent and adults with severe and aggressive behavior, Functional Analysis, Neurodegenerative Disorders, Law and Criminal Justice, Psychiatric Disorder.


Dr. Amilcare Calbi​


As administrative and accounting manager of various companies, both public and private, he has developed solid technical skills over the years. He has focused his professional interest on administrative management, and has also served as the Head of Human Resources Management, gaining much experience in the organisation, training, and evaluation of employees. Furthermore, he has acquired competency in the management of interpersonal relationships, skills classification, and administrative and managerial problem resolution.

Virginia Cantalupo - ANALISTA DEL COMPORTAMENTO BCBA - Aba for Disability 1

Dr. Virginia Cantalupo

BEHAVIOR ANALYST BCBA – Area Contact for Early Intervention 0-3 years

Psychologist – cognitive behavioural psychotherapist enrolled in the Order of Psychologists of Campania since 2007, and BCBA behaviour analyst since 2014. She has been involved in rehabilitation in the field of developmental disabilities for over ten years, with particular attention to interventions for autism. She completed her practical training in ABA by working as a tutor at Step by Step School, East Sussex (UK). Upon returning to Italy in 2014, she began collaborating with the Carbone Clinic, Massachussets (USA) in consulting activities with Italian families in the Salerno area, under the direct supervision of Dr. Emily Kerwin BCBA-D. Recently, she has been working on the application of the Early Start Denver Model (ESDM) for early intervention, with training and supervision activities in the clinical field.

Sara Bassani - ABA for Disability

Dr. Sara Bassani

Psychologist, Behavior Analyst-BCBA, ABA Master Teacher

In 2003 she obtained the title of Doctor in Clinical and Community Psychology at the Faculty of “Psychology” of the University “La Sapienza”, since 2007 she has been enrolled in the Order of Psychologists of the Lazio region. In the same year he was certified as “Level II Supervisor in Early Intervention Program” with the Norwegian Research Institute for Children with Developmental Disabilities (NFBU), Norway. In 2013 he completed the II level VCS in ABA provided by the F.I.T. (Florida Institute of Technology) in Miami (Florida), obtaining, in the same year, the international certification as BCBA, Behavior Analyst. In 2020 she participated, as a founding member, in the establishment of AdC (Behavior Analysts) Italy and in 2021 he joined the “ABA Network of Supervisors” of the Order of Psychologists of Lazio. Its constant training is carried out through the organization and participation in conferences, workshops and updating events related to ABA intervention.
Since 2008 he has been involved in: teaching courses that provide training at public and private organizations (rehabilitation centers, schools and associations); Supervision of work teams (behavioral technicians, neuropsychomotor therapists, speech language therapists, teachers and educators) at centers, private and in home services; she received training on specific issues (behavioral disorders, food selectivity, etc.).

Field of expertise: Autism Spectrum, Developmental Disorders, ADHD, Child and Adolescent with Behavior Disorders.

Olimpia Sinfarosa - ANALISTA DEL COMPORTAMENTO BCBA Aba for Disability

Dr. Olimpia Sinfarosa


Pedagogist, Counsellor, BCBA Certified Behaviour Analyst; supervising and coordinating numerous rehabilitation interventions for children and adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorders. 
In 1999, she graduated with honours in Educational Sciences, and in 2004, she completed a Master’s in Counselling at ASPIC. In 2016, she completed her Master’s degree at the University of Salerno’s college of Medicine: ABA and Autism.
Since 2018, she has been receiving group training from Dr. Vincent J. Carbone BCBA-D. 
She is a member of the steering committee of ADC Italia, the Italian association of certified behaviour analysts. She is a member of the ABA faculty at the Humanitas Consortium, as an ABA Master’s teacher. She is the poster speaker for “Word extension: repeated sign to evoke the echoic response” published by the “DallaLuna” association during the 2020 conference.

Teresa Concilio - COORDINATORE TERAPISTI Aba for Disability

Dr. Teresa Concilio


After completing an RBT course, she began working as an ABA tutor, under the supervision of BCBA and BCBA-D, where she gained experience and competence in session management and implementation, in both natural and structured environments. 
She has received field-specific training at the Carbone Clinic in America, and has participated in numerous workshops held by international leaders in behaviour analysis. 
She is continuing her studies at the college of Applied Behavioural and Cognitive Psychology, where she will soon obtain her second Master’s Degree.


Simon Izzo - Aba for Disability - interprete e traduttore

Simon Izzo

professional interpreter and translator

Simon Izzo has been a professional interpreter and translator since 2006. Since 2010 he has specialised in applied behaviour analysis and has interpreted – in Europe and the United States of America – world-renowned ABA experts, both in the educational and clinical settings. He holds the RBT credential of the Behavior Analyst Certification Board and has completed a master’s degree in ABA with the Queen’s University in Belfast. He is also a PhD student at the Sorbonne Nouvelle University in Paris. The areas of his research include: the creation of an English as a second language teaching curriculum based on Natural Environment Teaching and Intensive Teaching Trials; the application of analytical-behavioral principles in the Italian public school system; the integration of students with disabilities in regular education contexts. He is the author of the Italian version of the textbook “Applied Behavior Analysis” by Cooper J., Heron T. and Heward W., as well as the Italian version of the “AFLS – Assessment of Functional Living Skills” by Partington J.

Cecilia Pozzi - Aba for Disability

Cecilia Pozzi

professional interpreter and translator

Cecilia Pozzi has been a conference interpreter and translator for 25 years, Professor of
interpretation at the University of Genoa, member of AITI (Italian Association of Translators and
Interpreters). Graduated in 1997 at the School for Interpreters and Translators of Forlì (University
of Bologna), where she also taught interpretation from 2000 to 2005, she has a post-graduate
Master in Business Communication and Public Relations. She works as interpreter in ABA field for
over 10 years.

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