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Parent Training and Multifamily Therapy

Parent Training

Special attention will be given to the family.
The family is taken on as a whole, and will be accompanied and supported from diagnosis to intervention.
One of the main objectives is support in the management of daily activities; constant coaching and intervention guidance to help parents understand their child in all aspects, showing them how to behave and how to implement the strategies applied by the operators of the Centre.
This training is important in allowing the parent to be more serene in their relationship with their child, and acquiring skills that will allow him or her to establish interactions and manage difficult moments using effective strategies.
Terapia Multifamiliare - aba for disability
parent training - aba for disability

Family training on the management of daily routines and free time

The service provides an intensive two-day training for parents following an individual assessment of the child's/teen’s social skills and abilities.
Parents will first be guided through observation in play management with the child. Explanations will be provided on how to interact throughout the day, outside of therapy and teaching time with the therapists.
Issues related to managing sleep routines, toilet training, shared play, autonomy and other specific problems will be addressed.

Multifamily Therapy

Multifamily Therapy (MFT) is an established form of systemic therapy, aimed in particular at the treatment and support of family members.
The service is aimed at all family members, or others who are close to the family, and is coordinated by a psychologist and family psychotherapist.
The initiative includes meetings, either monthly or every 40 days, in which different families will have the opportunity to discuss specific issues.

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