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Dr. Kevin Luczynski


Universal Starting Point and Universal Life Skills

Dr. Kevin Luczynski - Ph.D., BCBA-D - ABA for Disability

Dr. Luczynski is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and a scientist-practitioner who has contributed to research and clinical practice in applying the science of behavior analysis to promote the prosocial development of neurodiverse and neurotypical learners.

He has treated learners who exhibited severe program behavior on the Neurobehavioral Unit at the Kennedy Krieger Institute, a partner with Johns Hopkins Medicine, and concurrently earned his master’s degree at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (2004-2006). He served as a teacher in the Edna A. Hill Child Development Center at the University of Kansas and as a consultant with Head Start classrooms in Springfield, Massachusetts, where he earned his doctoral degree under the mentorship of Dr. Gregory Hanley at Western New England University (2007-2011). During this time, he also delivered early intensive behavioral intervention to school-aged children at the New England Center for Children. Over the last decade, he developed a telehealth program and prosocial interactions program at the University of Nebraska Medical Center’s Munroe-Meyer Institute, where he mentored 11 doctoral students (2012-2022).

Dr. Luczynski has over 30 publications, and several have been selected by the Associate Editors to serve as the lead article in publication issues. Of note, nearly all of his research has been published in the flagship applied journal in the field, the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis. He has also served as a Guest Associate Editor for numerous manuscripts submitted to the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis and as a reviewer for 15 other journals.

Dr. Luczynski has broadened his professional mission so he can inspire and coach others through consultation with how to be comfortable and confident in implementing universal values, procedures, and skills so that meaningful improvements can be achieved in the lives of neurotypical and neurodiverse learners.

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Valeria Pascale - DIRETTORE Aba for Disability

Valeria Pascale


“His expertise and passion for his work has contributed to our personal and professional growth as team. We are grateful for the support and sharing meaningful values and goals for our children and adults.”

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